DTI 524077.10 – Hotkey 4 Actuation Fault

DTI 524077.10 (DTI )

Code: 524077.10



Similar to Hotkey 5, this diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered for Hotkey 4 when it remains actuated for more than 60 seconds during initialization or for over 10 minutes during operation. The fault could be caused by physical issues with the key, such as it being stuck, or by software problems that incorrectly interpret the key’s position.


The system may temporarily deactivate Hotkey 4 to prevent erroneous operations and will likely alert the operator to the issue, affecting control functionality.


  • Physical Inspection of Hotkey: Examine Hotkey 4 for any signs of being stuck and rectify any mechanical blockages.
  • Sensor Testing and Replacement: Assess the functionality of sensors detecting key actuation and replace them if they fail tests.
  • Software Checks and Updates: Perform software diagnostics to uncover any glitches causing false actuations and update or repair software as necessary.


Operational integrity of the control keys is critical for seamless machinery operation. Frequent inspections and addressing any signs of faults early can help maintain the operational readiness of the equipment.

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