DTI 524078.10 – Hotkey 3 Actuation Fault

DTI 524078.10 (DTI )

Code: 524078.10



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is issued when Hotkey 3 remains continuously actuated for more than 60 seconds during initialization or is registered as “actuated” for more than 10 minutes during operation. The issue may arise from a mechanically stuck button, sensor faults, or software issues that misread the key’s status.


To prevent unintended operations, the system may disable Hotkey 3 and issue alerts to notify the operator of the malfunction, which can impact user interface functionality.


  • Check for Mechanical Issues: Inspect Hotkey 3 for any signs of sticking and resolve any physical obstructions.
  • Sensor Evaluation and Repair: Test sensors involved in detecting actuation and recalibrate or replace faulty sensors.
  • Software Diagnostics and Update: Conduct software diagnostics to detect any anomalies affecting key recognition and update or correct software as required.


Reliable function of control unit keys is essential for smooth operation. Regular maintenance and immediate repair of any detected issues are crucial for maintaining equipment functionality.

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