HCC 001079.04 – HCC Sensor Supply Voltage Low

HCC 001079.04 (HCC 1079.04)

Code: 001079.04

Shortcode: 1079.04


This error code indicates that the sensor supply voltage from the Hitch Control Unit (HCC) has dropped below 4.65 volts. This issue can arise from power supply problems, faulty wiring, or sensor issues.


The HCC function is disabled (OFF) when this error code is active.


  • Inspect Power Supply:
    • Check the overall power supply to ensure it is stable and within the required range.
  • Examine Wiring and Connectors:
    • Inspect all wiring and connectors associated with the HCC sensors for damage, loose connections, or corrosion.
  • Test Sensors:
    • Verify that all sensors connected to the HCC are functioning correctly and are within the specified voltage ranges.
  • Voltage Regulation Check:
    • Ensure that the HCC’s internal voltage regulation is operating properly.
  • Replace Faulty Components:
    • Replace any faulty sensors or wiring components that are identified during the inspection.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • If the problem persists, contact technical support for further diagnostics and troubleshooting.


Regular maintenance and inspection of the sensor wiring and power supply are essential to prevent voltage-related issues.

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