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Your One-Stop Shop for John Deere Agricultural Equipment

Brandt Agriculture Hanna offers a complete range of agricultural equipment, catering to the diverse needs of the farming community in Alberta. Known for its helpful and friendly staff, Brandt Agriculture Hanna is dedicated to assisting customers in finding the right equipment, whether new or used.

The dealership is committed to providing comprehensive solutions, including John Deere equipment sales, parts, and service, as well as financing and leasing options.

New and Used Equipment

Brandt Agriculture Hanna boasts a wide selection of new John Deere agricultural equipment, featuring the latest advancements in farming technology. Customers can choose from a variety of machinery to suit their specific agricultural needs.

In addition to new equipment, the dealership also offers used John Deere machinery, providing cost-effective alternatives for customers looking for value. These used machines are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and reliability.

Extensive John Deere Parts Inventory

A critical aspect of Brandt Agriculture Hanna’s offering is its extensive parts inventory. The dealership stocks a wide range of parts to ensure that John Deere equipment runs smoothly. This inventory includes:

  • Engine components like spark plugs, filters, and belts
  • Hydraulic parts such as hoses, pumps, and valves
  • Transmission components including gears and bearings
  • Electrical parts like batteries, starters, and alternators
  • Wear parts for various machines, including blades and tines

Professional Service

Brandt Agriculture Hanna’s service center is staffed by skilled technicians who are experts in the maintenance and repair of John Deere agricultural equipment. Their proficiency ensures that machines are kept in peak condition, reducing downtime.

The service center operates on Saturdays, offering customers the convenience of maintenance and repair services outside of regular business hours.

Financing and Leasing Options

To make John Deere equipment acquisition easier for its customers, Brandt Agriculture Hanna provides flexible financing and leasing options. These financial solutions are tailored to fit various budgets and purchasing preferences, allowing customers to acquire the necessary equipment efficiently and affordably.

Whether customers are looking to buy new equipment or lease machinery for specific projects, Brandt Agriculture Hanna offers suitable financial options to meet their needs.

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