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Meeting John Deere Equipment Needs

Brandt Agriculture in Stettler, Alberta, stands as a one-stop-shop for a diverse array of John Deere equipment needs, spanning from agriculture to motorsports. This dealership is dedicated from lawn care machinery to tractors, and ATVs, and combines, meeting the wide-ranging needs of its customers.

With a focus on keeping machines operational and efficient, Brandt Agriculture Stettler boasts a massive inventory of parts and a team of trained service technicians.

Diverse John Deere Equipment Selection

At Brandt Agriculture in Stettler, customers can find an extensive range of equipment suitable for various purposes. The selection includes:

  • John Deere Lawn Care Equipment: Including mowers and other landscaping tools
  • John Deere Tractors: Ranging from compact models for small farms to large, advanced tractors for extensive agricultural operations
  • John Deere ATVs: Ideal for both recreational use and farm utility
  • John Deere Combines: Essential for efficient harvesting processes

This variety ensures that whether a customer is a homeowner, a recreational enthusiast, or a professional farmer, they can find the JD equipment they need at Brandt Agriculture Stettler.

Extensive John Deere Parts Inventory

Understanding the importance of timely maintenance and repairs, Brandt Agriculture Stettler maintains a vast inventory of parts. This includes:

  • Engine Parts: Filters, belts, spark plugs, and more for various machines
  • Hydraulic Components: Hoses, pumps, and valves for agricultural machinery
  • Transmission Parts: Gears, clutches, and bearings for a range of equipment
  • Electrical Systems: Batteries, starters, and alternators for reliable operation
  • Wear Parts: Blades for mowers and tines for tractors, among others

Having original John Deere parts readily available minimizes downtime and ensures that machinery can be quickly and efficiently repaired or serviced.

Service Team and Saturday Operations

Brandt Agriculture Stettler’s service team comprises experienced technicians who are proficient in servicing and repairing a wide range of John Deere equipment. Their expertise guarantees that each piece of machinery is maintained to the highest standards.

The service center operates on Saturdays. This ensures that customers have access to services when they need them most, keeping their operations running smoothly without interruption.