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Advanced Facility for John Deere Agricultural Needs

Brandt Agriculture’s newly built facility in Red Deer County, AB is designed to serve customers more efficiently. With a focus on providing excellent sales, parts, and service experiences, this facility caters to the needs of customers in Red Deer, Penhold, and the surrounding areas.

The state-of-the-art facility boasts 16 service bays and expanded parts warehousing, enhancing its capability to meet the growing demand for John Deere agricultural equipment and services.

Extensive Range of John Deere Equipment

The Brandt Agriculture facility in Red Deer County offers a wide range of agricultural equipment to suit various farming needs. Customers can choose from:

  • Advanced tractors for different scales of farming operations
  • Efficient John Deere combines for streamlined harvesting processes
  • Versatile utility vehicles for various agricultural applications
  • Various other agricultural implements and machinery

This diverse selection ensures that farmers find the right equipment to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Comprehensive John Deere Parts Inventory

To support the maintenance and repair needs of John Deere agricultural machinery, Brandt Agriculture in Red Deer County maintains a comprehensive inventory of parts. This includes:

  • Engine Parts: Such as filters, belts, and spark plugs for various machinery;
  • Hydraulic Components: Including hoses, pumps, and fittings;
  • Transmission Parts: Gears, clutches, and bearings for efficient power transmission;
  • Electrical Systems: Batteries, starters, and alternators for reliable operation;
  • Wear Parts: Blades, tines, and other components.

With expanded warehousing, the facility ensures that these parts are readily available, reducing downtime for repairs and maintenance.

Dedicated Service Bays in Red Deer County

The facility’s 16 service bays are staffed with skilled technicians, capable of handling a wide range of maintenance and repair tasks. Their expertise ensures that all John Deere agricultural equipment is serviced with precision and care.

The expanded service capacity allows for quicker turnaround times, ensuring that farmers’ equipment is back in operation ASAP.