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Complete John Deere Equipment and Services

Brandt Agriculture in Ponoka stands as a leading dealership for everything related to John Deere. Committed to enabling customer success, they provide a wide selection of John Deere agricultural equipment, backed by comprehensive service and support.

The dealership is a hub for farmers and agricultural professionals seeking high-quality John Deere equipment, parts, and accessories, offering solutions for various agricultural needs.

Wide Selection of John Deere Equipment

Brandt Agriculture Ponoka offers an extensive range of John Deere equipment, catering to different agricultural scales and needs. Customers can find:

  • Advanced tractors for varied farming operations;
  • Efficient combines for streamlined harvesting processes;
  • Other agricultural implements and machinery.

This selection ensures that agricultural professionals in Ponoka have access to the best John Deere equipment for their farming tasks and projects.

Comprehensive John Deere Parts Inventory

Brandt Agriculture Ponoka maintains a robust inventory of John Deere parts, ensuring that equipment remains operational and efficient. Their parts inventory includes:

  • Engine Parts: Filters, spark plugs, belts, and more;
  • Hydraulic Components: Hoses, pumps, valves;
  • Transmission Parts: Gears, clutches, bearings;
  • Electrical Systems: Batteries, starters, alternators;
  • Wear and Tear Parts: Blades, tines, and other frequently replaced items;

With these parts readily available, downtime.

Dedicated Service Team and Saturday Operations

The service team at Brandt Agriculture Ponoka comprises skilled technicians specializing in the maintenance and repair of John Deere equipment. Their expertise ensures the machinery operates at peak performance.

To accommodate the needs of their customers, the service center operates on Saturdays. This extended availability ensuring that clients have access to services at times that suit their schedules.

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